Spiny- Extatosoma tiaratum
Crowned- Onchestus rentzi
Green Leaf- Phylliidae sp. 
Goliath- Eurycnemma goliath
Titan- Acrophylla titan
Tesselated- Anchiale austrotessulata
Peppermint- Megacrania batesii




Be gentle, stick insects are delicate. They are harmless and their mouth parts are incapable of biting. Be sure to let them crawl on and off your hand themselves as the act of ‘picking them up’ tends to make them grasp on to any and everything. Handling shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes at a time. Stick insects need to eat often and throughout the day.


We recommend mesh top or mesh terrariums. Generally speaking an adult trio of stick insects is comfortable in a 30x30x30 Terrarium. Larger species may require a terrarium 45x45x60cm. Mesh Top terrariums allow ventilation while still holding humidity. Our terrariums also have lockable lids and doors (which is always a good idea). Stick insects can climb the glass and silicone corners, so standard glass aquariums tend not to be the best option.

Molting and the importance of Substrate

Your Stick insects will appreciate a mix of Peat Moss/ CocoFibre/ Critter Crumble. A depth of around 5cm is ideal. This is a great substrate material and holds moisture very well. This substrate also creates an ideal humidity for Molting. We like to leave a thin under layer of water about 5mm deep, this keeps the substrate moist and the air around it humid. Substrate should be changed monthly.

Feeding Time!

Feeding time is all the time, stick insects will require fresh gum leaves every 2-3 days. Try using a bottle or vase to hold your gum leaves and keep them hydrated. Misting should occur twice a day, your insects will drink the droplets off the glass and leaves and it will help keep the environment humid and the leaves fresh. Try to use distilled water, Reverse Osmosis, or de-chlorinated tap water. Leaves should be collected from a tree free of pesticides and other insects (beetles or spiders) that may cause harm to your pets. We recommend giving them a quick rinse and a shake.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning is very minimal, wipe down the glass with wet paper towel when necessary. Also remove molt, waste, or dropped leaves when necessary. You can usually completely replace the substrate once a month.

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