Fresh Water

Floor to Ceiling… Wall to Wall… Fish!

No matter if the fish is from Western Pakistan, the Congo Rainforest, The Amazonas, Thailand, China, the Ganges, Texas USA, North Queensland, or  hidden and isolated in an underground Lake Cave somewhere in Mexico, we have it in store! 

Our freshwater Fish Room is home to over 108 fully stocked Freshwater livestock tanks, holding more than 250 species of Freshwater Fish, Invertebrates and even an Amphibian. This range holds our Cold (Temperate) Section, home of the beloved Goldfish, up to 20 different types of Ornamental Goldfishes and equally as many cold water options of Barb, Danio and Cloud fish.  Floor to Ceiling options of Australian and New Guinea Native Fishes, Predators, ornamental and schooling.  The largest section consists what we call ‘Freshwater Tropical’ consisting of a wide variety of community tropical fish including various species of Tetra, Rasbora, Gourami, Catfish, Angelfish and Discus, etc. We also carry a growing collection of common and sought after American and African Cichlids.






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